Our Mission

Japan Real Estate exclusively introduces real estates to its members only. We are confident all our list of properties are highly sophisticated & selected.  Therefore , After Specific Consulting with Investor/customer, propose suitable realty in Japan.

Our mission is to facilitate your asset building effort by providing a full support for your successful property investment in Japan.

Transaction Flow

Please confirm transaction flow before contact.


First, the client signs up and gets a password.Then, if any property you are interested in, proceed to conclude a CA and disclose detailed information


If the client had further interest to purchase the property, would  be asked to insert LOI and would  examine whether the limit price is within the appropriate range.


If the LOI was  determined to be appropriate, the prospective purchaser would  conclude a Real Estate Brokerage Service Agreement with us. Please refer to the sample and read it carefully.


After transfered  the propsed  purchase amount and commission to us, will be protected the propsed  purchase amount excluding our commission by putting it in an escrow account managed by a partner lawyer and a bank. Depend on the amount of money, it may be deposited with a partner escrow company.


We will issue a certificate of  escrowed funds to a Japanese real estate agent or seller and enter into final negotiation procedures.


Once it reached agreement price , the client and the seller would  conclude a basic purchase agreement of  its  real estate.


If ownership was transferred and taxation and law enforcement were acceptable, the funds would be transferred from the escrow account to the seller in the manner of desired by the seller. And the real estate belongs to the customer.


Double Confirmation

Our fees are non-refundable regardless of the success or failure of the real estate acquisition, In any case ,no cancelation will be accepted after funds transfered escrow account.

Therefore, please double  make sure before depositing Escrow Account.

We only offer services to those who are serious about acquiring real estate.

Everything is based on a relationship of trust.


If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.



Best Regards;